Your Questions About WP Sharely Answered

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the Sharely plugin:

Q: Is it Possible to Have More than 1 Sharely Locker per Website?

A: Yes, that’s possible. You can easily create multiple lockers, each with their own design and settings and place them anywhere in your content. You can even have multiple lockers on the same page.

Q: Does this Work in Languages Other Than English?

A: Yes. There are two components that are relevant to language: the buttons and the text in the Sharely locker.

For the buttons, you can select a language on the settings screen:


All of the other text visible in a Sharely locker is completely customizable, so it can be any language of your choosing.

Q: Can I Set Up Tracking, to See How Much Traffic I Get from Using Sharely?

A: Yes. In fact, there are three levels of tracking available with Sharely:

Tracking Social Shares

The first is built directly into the plugin:


In your Sharely dashboard, you’ll find a detailed report about the number of shares performed overall and for each individual locker on your site.

Tracking Sharely Traffic

To track the number of clicks generated by all the tweets, Facebook likes and other social shares created by Sharely, you can use tracking parameters or redirects.


For example, you can create campaign tracking links for Google Analytics (use this tool) and use that link for Sharely.

Another option is to use redirect URLs such as the ones provided by bitly and various other link-shortening and tracking services, to see the number of clicks your shared links receive.

Granular Tracking

Since each of the sharing options has a separate URL field, you can even track in detail which shares on which social networks are sending you the best and highest converting traffic.

Q: Is it Possible to Promote Pages on a Different Domain?

A: Yes. You are not limited to promoting links that are on the same domain as WP Sharely. You can choose to promote absolutely any URL.

Q: Can I Also Get Facebook Page Fans and Twitter Followers in Return for Shares?

A: You can increase the number of fans for your Facebook page using Sharely. To do so, simply enter the URL of your Facebook page in the Facebook URL field in Sharely.

There’s no option for unlocking content in return for a follow. However, keep in mind that A) retweets often lead to additional followers and B) twitter automatically suggest a follow, after the tweet has been sent.

3 new twitter followers as a result of a tweet.

3 new twitter followers as a result of a tweet.

If you have other questions, please feel free to leave a comment below (or get in touch through our helpdesk)!

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