Leveraging the List Post – Massive Increase in Shares on a Freelance Writing Blog

Bamidele's Case Study

We’ve seen before that if you give people a nudge towards sharing your content, it can make a big difference. You can get more shares for almost any kind of content, using even the most basic methods.

But what if you get all the parts right? What if the content, the sharing incentive and the audience fit together just right? Possibly, you could get 3,000 visitors to a new post (in just 3 days) and hit 200+ social shares, like Bamidele Onibalusi did…

Read on to see one of our best case studies yet.

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The Key to Making Content Locking Work


“Won’t my readers get angry if I use a content locker like WP Sharely?”

This is a question several people have asked me, so it seems like it might be a common concern. Is it a justified concern? Will you turn your loyal readers off, in exchange for some social shares and traffic?

Yes, but only if you use Sharely wrong. In this post, let me explain how to use Sharely (or any content locker), while getting a positive reaction from your visitors.

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